Spiraldynamik® – Intelligent Movement


In Spiraldynamik®, the origin of pain and malpositions is analyzed precisely and new movement qualities are taught. Spiraldynamik® is suitable for almost all complaints of the musculoskeletal system – pain, tension, premature wear and tear. With the help of Spiraldynamik® therapy, movement classes or individual consultations, you can optimize your movements and posture – ideal for physically active patients. The earlier, the more preventive; the later, the more therapeutic.

Movement Concept

Spiraldynamik® is a three-dimensional, anatomically and functionally based movement and therapy concept. Simply put, Spiraldynamik® offers a learnable user manual for the human body from head to toe. The goal of Spiraldynamik® is to move anatomically healthy in everyday life in order to avoid malpositions, pain and wear and tear in a targeted manner. Ideal for physically active patients.