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Our team is composed of highly trained teachers who are passionate about teaching based on anatomical principles. Focused on their respective areas of expertise, our team delivers course content in an inspiring way.

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Sara Marin

Sara Marin has been co-owner and artistic director of Bewegungswelt since 2019. With passion and humor, she leads her classes and focuses on the individual development of each student. In addition to her work as a teacher and coach, she works as an independent artist in her own dance ensemble “Pinion & Crown” as well as in freelance projects; she often choreographs for festivals and competitions.

2023: Graduated Spiraldynamik® specialist;
2022: Judge for the Swiss Championships in Jazz/Modern/Show dance category;
2021: Certified Blackroll® trainer;
2020: J+S leader in gymnastics and dance;
2019 Spiraldynamik® expert level intermediate with specific in Med for Move;
2012 Graduated Pilates Trainer: Comprehensive Teacher Training Course (mat & studio equipment);
2012: Certified Aerial Yoga Trainer;
2008 – 2010: Bachelor degree in Dance at SEAD;
2008-2009: Certification for completed course in pedagogy and teaching methodology;
2004 – 2008: National Academy of DANCE in Rome (A.N.D.);
1996 – 2003: Centro Studi danza Classica & Moderna in Rome

Language skills: Italian: mother tongue, German: advanced level, English: advanced level, French: elementary level, Spanish: elementary level

Maja Kucharczyk

Maja Kucharczyk is one of the best dance couples in the world with her dance partner. They have been dancing together in all three disciplines of Latin, Standard, and 10-Dance since the summer of 2017. In addition to teaching, Maja studies at the University of St. Gallen.

since 1996 the first Swiss to reach the final of a WDSF World Championship; Owner of the Swiss Olympic Elite Card; Part of the national squad; first TanzSport athletes who are part of the top sport of the military; J+S Head of Gymnastics and Dance

Language skills: Polish: mother tongue, German: advanced knowledge, English: advanced knowledge, French: advanced knowledge

Soraya Leila Emery

Soraya, born and raised in Western Switzerland, is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. She completed her training as a professional contemporary dancer at SEAD in Salzburg and CFP Applied Arts in Geneva. Since then, she has been training the Junior Company SSD (CH) for Swiss and world championships and the Academy Kristina Broadway Dance Center (AT) for the DanceStars competition. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Choreography at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

2014 – 2017: Diploma in Contemporary Dance from SEAD
2017: Stay at the New York University TISCH School of the Arts
2011 – 2014: Diploma in Arts & Performance from CFP Applied Arts in Geneva

Language skills: French: mother tongue, English: advanced level, German: intermediate level

Ana Paula Alves Elias

Ana Paula has many years of solid experience in the movement field and offers not only Aerial Yoga, but also TRX® and Personal Training. In addition, Antara is one of her passions. Ana Paula conveys movement with her warm and competent nature and responds to the individual needs of the participants.

2005 – 2019 Yoga training followed by in-depth training and regular further education in Power Yoga, TRX Yoga and Aerial Yoga
2008 – 2011 Antara training for group and individual instruction

Language skills: German: advanced level, English: advanced level, Portuguese: mother tongue

Alexandra Kunz

Since the age of 15, Alexandra has been passionate about dance and movement. 30 years ago, she started taking regular dance classes in the region with various associations, as well as at her own studio. Most recently, she ran a movement studio in St. Gallen with Esther for 10 years, with a focus on Nia®. In addition, she continuously educates herself in Spiral Dynamics®, back and pelvic floor training, as well as Fayo.

2004 – 2019 Nia® trainings, since 2019 Nia® 1st Degree Black Belt;
1994 – 1997 Instructor/project manager with a federal certificate

Language skills: German: mother tongue: English: advanced level, French: elementary level, Italian: elementary level

Esther Thürlimann

As a dedicated lover of movement, Esther has turned dance and movement into a form of therapy and profession. After completing a four-year education, she focused on Nia®. Most recently, she ran a movement studio in St. Gallen with Alexandra for ten years. Her extensive experience is reflected in her joy of movement and her engaging course content.

2009 – 2019 various Nia® training courses in Germany and abroad, all training levels up to the 1st Degree Black Belt, Moving to Heal, 52 Moves, 5 Stages
2003 – 2007 training as an integrative clinical dance and movement therapist at tanzprozess

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: elementary level, French: elementary level, Italian: elementary level

Mara Natterer

Mara graduated from the Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London with a Master in Community Dance and has worked on numerous dance and performance projects worldwide. In addition to her teaching activities, she works as a choreographic assistant and in the field of cultural mediation, and is a certified craniosacral therapist.

2019 – 2022 Craniosacral therapy training with OdA Complementary Therapy industry certificate
2014 – 2015 Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance
2000 – 2005 Ballet School of the State Theatre Stuttgart

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level, French: advanced level, Portuguese: advanced level, Spanish: advanced level

Janis Moser

Janis is a secondary school teacher phil. I in Wittenbach and has many years of experience as a dance teacher, Group Fitness, Thai Bo and BodyART instructor.

2010 Training as an international bodyArt instructor
2005 Training as dance instructor for Hip Hop L.A. Style
2000 Training as Thai Bo instructor
1999 Training as aerobics instructor

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level, French: advanced level, Italian: intermediate level

Irène Chesini

Irène Chesini graduated from the renowned Tanz Theater Schule in Zurich. She continued her education in various dance styles, including flamenco, salsa and jazz dance, and completed training as a dance teacher. For many years Irène Chesini has been working as a kindergarten teacher and also gives dance lessons for children and teenagers as well as for adults at various dance schools.

2013 – 2014: Training in dance pedagogy at the Dance Art School in Austria
2004 – 2006: contemporary stage dance training at the Zurich Dance Theater School

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: elementary level, Spanish: elementary level

Michèle Tolino

Michèle Tolino grew up in the Appenzellerland region and has extensive experience in Pilates and Flying Pilates. Her joy of movement and creative and individual approach in her classes and personal trainings demonstrate a great passion for Pilates.

2015: Further education in Pilates and Flying Pilates
2019 – 2021: Further education to become an IFAA Pilates mat trainer

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: intermediate level

Claudia Nappi

Claudia Nappi is a qualified systemic coach & consultant, prevention pedagogue, educator and dance pedagogue. In recent years, she has especially supported and encouraged children and young people in her courses and seminars. Claudia was trained in ballet and tap dance and later devoted herself to hip hop and jazz dance, completed the dance pedagogical training in Austria and continuously attends further and advanced training courses. With a lot of joy, empathy and humour, she has been teaching mainly kids and teens for 7 years in a mix of hip hop, jazz dance and contemporary dance.

Since 2021 Member of netzwerkTanz Vorarlberg – Association for Contemporary Movement Art
2014 – 2019 Advanced training in children’s street dance, choreography and technique, modern dance/contemporary, pedagogical dance projects for primary and secondary school levels.
2013 – 2014 Training in dance pedagogy at the Dance Art School in Austria

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level

Viktoria Keller

Victoria is a Pilates enthusiast and a client advisor for asset managers. In her Pilates classes, she focuses on Reformer training and it is her heartfelt desire to cater to the individual needs of the participants.

2022 – 2023: Focus on Pilates equipment: National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) 
2022: Training as a Mat Class Basic & Expert, Reformer on the Mat, and Post Natal Reformer trainer according to PILATESuisse

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level

Ana Gloria Fernández-García De Alfonso

Ana Gloria (Ani) completed her dance training in Spain and worked as a leader of children’s leisure activities for a long time. After that, she completed the Animal Flow training in the USA and has been continuously educating herself ever since. She is also a Pilates mat expert and a certified swim trainer. As a mom of a little boy, it is enriching for her to share the joy of dance in all its facets with young dance students.

2021 – 2022: Anatomy Trains + Pilates Polestar Mat Training
2017: FITFLAMC Instructor Training
2016 – 2021: Animal Flow Training leading to an instructor for academic accreditations for Exam Level L1
2007 – 2016: Ballet, Modern Dance and Bellydance training among others at the WOSAP Dance Academy

Language skills: Spanish: mother tongue, English: advanced level, German: intermediate level

Dorothy Rollandin

Dorothy is a professional in the field of dance and has successfully completed her Master of Arts, Floor Barre training, and degree in dance therapy. Her impressive skills are evidenced by her years of teaching experience and awards. In Italy, she choreographed for Società Ginnastica Artistica, Teatro del Mondo, and Groupe Approches, and has been the President of the Institut de Danse du Val d’Aoste for 11 years.

2017: Completion of Dance Movement Therapy training
2006: Master of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut
1998: Floor-Barre® Teacher Training certification
2012: Mentor for the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Foundation

Language skills: Italian: mother tongue, English: advanced level, French: intermediate level, German: elementary level

Diana Bischofberger

Diana Bischofberger is responsible for addressing the specific administrative inquiries and concerns of our clients. She brings extensive experience as a school teacher and is consistently present during our events and performances involving children and young people. Her presence serves as a valuable support to our team.

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level, Italian: advanced level, French: intermediate level

Daria Höhener

Daria is actively involved in international networking in the field of children’s dance through her role as the President of daCi Switzerland and her membership in the Executive Committee of daCi International. Additionally, she is co-owner of Bewegungswelt, President of Tanzwelt, and works in consulting while pursuing her Ph.D. in information systems management.

2016 – 2018: Training in physical education in preparation for the professional examination as a specialist in movement and health promotion with a federal certificate
2015 – 2017: Spiral Dynamics Expert Level Intermediate
2017 – 2019: Training and further education to become J+S Head of Gymnastics and Dance, J+S Head of Children’s Sports and J+S Coach
2015 – 2016: Training as certified children’s dance teacher

Language skills: German: mother tongue, English: advanced level, Italian: intermediate level, French: elementary level, Spanish: elementary level