Room rental

our newly renovated studio in St.Gallen can be rented

Our light-filled studio is approximately 120 square meters and is divided into a movement and lounge area. The indirect lighting and unique interior design allow you to fully enjoy the space. Our studio is freshly renovated and located in a listed building directly opposite the St.Gallen Cathedral. The entire studio is wheelchair accessible and easy to reach by public transportation, on foot, or by car.

To start a new course, our prices are transparent and fair, and therefore depend on the number of participants per course, the frequency of rental, and the use of exclusive or inclusive training equipment.

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our equipment in the studio in St.Gallen

Due to the diverse range of courses offered, we have modern equipment in sufficient quantities for a variety of classes. From Pilates equipment to yoga props to children’s dance materials, we have almost everything your heart desires.

Examples of equipment and materials available in the studio include: Cadillac, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chairs, Pilates Springboards, Pilates Ladder Barrel,Togu Jumper Double, Airex Mats, Yoga Mats, Gymnastics Stools, Airex Balance Pad, Pezzi Therapy Balls, Pilates Rollers, Pilates Arc, Pilates Rings from Schildkröt, Sissel Swing Sticks, Balance Hedgehogs, Togu Brazil, Redondo Balls, Weighted Balls, Seat Cushions, Chiffon Scarves, Gymnastics Bands, Fans, Therabands, Bean Bags, Jump Ropes, Massage Balls, Gymnastics Balls, Gymnastics Hoops, Balance Half Spheres, etc.