Dance at schools

valuable experience

For several years now we have worked regularly at various schools and done projects with different school classes.
The aim of these workshops is to enable children and young people to get to know dance as art, as a way of knowing oneself better and of making friends. The movement-based group dynamics enable positive developments.
These workshops are aimed at kindergarten classes, primary school classes, upper school classes and high school classes. Topics can be discussed in advance, especially for the younger dancers. Jungle book lessons, pirate adventures, picture books and genie of the magic lamp have already been experienced successfully. We are always open to new suggestions.
Teenagers can learn a dance style (modern dance, show dance, Latin dance etc.). The focus is on the joy of movement and learning a choreography.
Dance at schools is a project with one or more school classes. There should be a gymnasium or a multi-purpose room. Mirrors are not necessary.
Individual programs will be gladly discussed upon contact.

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