Antara® Training


Antara® as functional training promotes an upright posture and focuses on a strong core and stable back. Precise instructions strengthen the core muscles, pelvic floor, and deep abdominal muscles. Movements are executed calmly and functionally.

Effect of Antara®

Strength and flexibility are improved in a targeted way. Results can be felt after just five to ten hours, and movements can be intensified. Antara® training can be applied to everyday life and optimize movements, for example in gardening or recreational sports.

Experienced Specialist

With Ana Paula, we have a qualified specialist who has completed the following training courses and is authorized to use the titles listed below:

– Dipl. Antara® Instructor
– Antara® Level 2
– Antara® Level 3
– Practice/Technique
– Antara® Personal Training
– Antara® Flow (Dance)