Couple Dance / Wedding Dance

Your special day!

Show your personal wedding dance on the dance floor on the most beautiful day of your life. Your day will be unforgettable and we would be happy to accompany you in your preparations. The wedding choreography reflects your love story. Based on an initial conversation, we can customize the opening dance according to your musical and dancing desires! From classic waltz, salsa, bachata to tango also contaminating the choreographies with modern mixes. – whatever your heart desires.

Various options

Of course, a private lesson can also be taken on request without any connection to a wedding. For example, as preparation for the next dance competition or as a unique birthday/Christmas present.

About Maja

With her dance partner, Maja is one of the best dancers worldwide, as evidenced by many podium finishes at Swiss/European and World Championships. An exceptional opportunity to receive high-quality dance lessons from an excellent dancer and make your special day an even greater highlight.