Our locations

Our modern, light-flooded course locations

Please use the following address for postal deliveries: Schulhausstrasse 18b, 9052 Niederteufen.


Gallusstrasse 32a, 9000 St.Gallen

Our studio is conveniently located less than five minutes from Marktplatz and ten minutes from St.Gallen train station. Situated in the heart of St.Gallen, it is also easily accessible by car. There are two parking garages and numerous public parking spaces along the streets nearby.

Use the entrance right next to the Café “La Verità”, go along the corridor to the glass door, and select the appropriate button in the elevator.


Gymnastics hall, Landhausstrasse 3a, 9053 Teufen

Directions to the entrance of the gymnastics hall: take the main entrance, enter locker room number 5, exit the locker room on the other side, go up the stairs and the gymnastics hall will be straight ahead.


Red singing hall, Niederteufen Primary School, Schulhausstrasse 7, 9052 Niederteufen


Sporthalle Seeblick, Horchentalstrasse 8, 9402 Mörschwil


Hinterdorf 5, 9043 Trogen