Twinning project group

Come with us to Canada for the World Dance Congress in summer 2022

Are you between 10 and 15 years old? Then come with us to Canada in summer 2022! In July 2022 we will travel to the World Dance Congress in Toronto and will meet our twinning partner there, work on the dance steps together and finally present a brilliant performance.
In the “Twinning” concept two schools from different countries work together intensely and for a longer period of time. Our twinning partner will be a school from Australia. Through the exchange you get an insight into another culture and at the same time you can share your own cultural dance diversity with another group. In the first phase of the project, the exchange will take place primarily via digital medias such as Skype. In the second phase, the two dance groups will meet in Canada and present their final common project. The board of daCi Switzerland, which is chaired by Daria, will actively support the financing so that all children have the opportunity to travel to Canada.
Twinning offers people with different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge in a collaborative process and to gain new insights.
Twinning will start in spring 2020 and the Bewegungswelt Twinning project group will meet once a month on the first Saturday afternoon of each month. Together with the group from Australia, they practice Twinning.

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