Pilates meets Aerial Yoga in St.Gallen

Pilates meets Aerial Yoga

In our Pilates meets Aerial Yoga classes, you will perform exercises with Pilates equipment and Aerial Yoga silks in small groups, thereby strengthening your body. With classic Pilates studio equipment such as the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Exo-Chair, and Springboard, functional movement sequences are implemented that are tailored to your physical needs. This course is the best for your spine, as it combines Pilates strengthening with Aerial Yoga spinal decompression!

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It is possible to join at any time.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is German, English or Italian.

Bring along

For Pilates meets Aerial Yoga classes, it is ideal to wear comfortable and flexible clothing (not street clothes) and bring a towel for the mat. Movement is done barefoot or in socks.


Depending on the insurance, part or even all of the course costs are covered.