disDANCE during Covid-19

Due to the extraordinary situation and the current interruption of our courses, our dance students are sent one or more challenges every week, which they can complete until the weekend if they wish. We are very happy about the active participation and the received video evidence. Below is an insight into our assignments:

Week 10

Technical exercises complete our ten weeks of involuntary interruption due to Covid-19. We look forward to seeing you back in class very soon!

Week 10

At the end there are two technical exercises for at home.

Week 9

This week there is a Latin choreography with Tiara scheduled.

Week 8

For once in week 8 there will be a short ballet choreography to dance along.

Week 7

This week it’s going to be intense: Daily challenges are coming up, which we have compiled from different videos of Tiktok.

1) Bed Sheets-Dance 
2) Strengths Exercises
3) Arm Coordination
4) Leg Coordination
5) Whole Body Coordination 
6) Brain Training
7) Various Excercises
8) get to know Jive (only for advanced students)

Week 6

In week 6 the kids recorded their own improvisations at home, which will be edited by us in the next step. The video will be published soon.

Week 5

This week will include exercises for pelvic symmetry, strengthening of legs and glutes, coordination and relaxation of the spine.

Week 4 (Teenies)

For once there will be two challenges right on time for Easter: one for the younger and one for the elder dance students.
Hopefully our dance students will have a lot of fun with this video to imitate.

Week 4 (Kids)

With three different ways of moving around, this year our younger dance students will be looking for Easter eggs in the garden in different way.

Week 3

This week we trained our feet in order to be able to get right back into full dancing after the dance lessons had continued.

Week 2

With a challenge found on Tiktok the creativity of our dance students was stimulated. Here is the video, which was available to the children and young people as an example of us.

Week 1

On the occasion of the birth of a dance teacher’s baby, the children and young people recorded and submitted congratulations at home in the form of short dance sequences.