Décadanse Dance Project

Décadanse, a dance project in the context of the dance festival 2021 at the Offene Kirche in St.Gallen

We are looking for a colourful group of women from St.Gallen (CH) and the region: elderly and
young, curvy or slim, professionals or amateurs, to take the stage and join the members of the PINION & CROWN ensemble in a joyful dance evening that celebrates the charm of the diversity.

Through the workshop days, the participants can gain experience, share, learn and, at the end, present their final work on stage (Offene Kirche).

In order to take part in the final performance (9.5.21) it is necessary to be available on the dates indicated and to attend as many workshops and rehearsals as possible.
Sara is co-founder of the PINION & CROWN ensemble and her project “Décadanse” was selected as one of the core pieces of the Tanz Fest Festival in St. Gallen.
Décadanse focuses on the figure of the woman in the context of ritual. We work with the four elements of Mother Nature (earth, fire, air, water) and bring them together with ten (i.e. “Déca”) set pieces of traditional dances from several countries of the world.

The theme of Décadanse is: “This dance is for the world and the world is for everyone”.

More information: Pinion & Crown