Creative children’s dance

creative children’s dance

Playfully and with suitable music children learn the first basic dance steps. We train their sense of rhythm and body coordination. Creative dances strengthen self-confidence and develop motor skills. Already at this age, choreographies are taught, which the children can perform independently. The joy to move is most important. Come along on a journey of music, movement, play and dance. We look forward to getting to know you.

to the timetable

It is possible to join at any time. It is recommended to start at the beginning of a new semester.


Creative children’s dance is offered to children aged four to nine years . Afterwards the children change to the next higher level with a corresponding specialisation.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is German.

Bring along

For the creative children’s dance, comfortable clothes (no street clothes) are prescribed. The children dance in socks. The child should have a drinking bottle with him/her, hair tied together and been to the toilet before the lesson starts.


We regularly take creative children’s dance classes to performances in the surrounding area and once a year to another canton in Switzerland. The corresponding dates are communicated in good time via parents’ letter by e-mail at the beginning of each quarter.


Depending on the insurance, part or even all of the course costs are covered.