Aerial Yoga meets Fascia Training

Aerial Yoga meets Fascia Training

Aerial Yoga is an incomparable concept in which you move with and in a cloth suspended from the ceiling. Gravity works through this and with elements of yoga and aerial acrobatics you train strength, flexibility, tension & relaxation as well as inner balance. In this class, the focus in half of the class is on flexibility with the help of the Aerial Yoga sling. In the second half we focus on the fascia with rollers, balls and much more. You will go home feeling liberated and having done a lot of good for your connective tissue.

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It is possible to join at any time. It is recommended to start at the beginning of a new semester.


The language of instruction is German.


For the Pilates meets Fascia Training lessons you should wear comfortable clothes (no street clothes). You train barefoot or with socks.


Depending on the insurance, part or even all of the course costs are covered.